Our trip to Muck! By Colm P2

We all went on the Shearwater boat to Muck in the morning and on the way there we saw a minke whale and porpoise. There were loads of them and they went under the boat. It was so cool. We then made it to Muck. We met the other Muck children and we went to their school and we played outside. We saw a sea eagle fly past the school. It was amazing!

Then we decided to go for a walk. We went up a big hill and we could see Eigg. I felt a bit homesick. We had a special snack and I tried a bit of lemon for the first time and didn’t like it! By this time it was time to go home so we walked down the hill to the boat. We walked to Muck school and got our bags and me, Tadhgan and Hugh had a running race. We then went on the Shearwater and went back home and on the way home we saw another minke whale and it was 1 metre away from the Shearwater. Everyone was very excited and taking photos and the boat stopped for ages so we could watch it. It was really fun! We finally got back to Eigg and my Papa and Ross met me there.