Fun day at the hall with Pam

First we played rounders in the hall and then Muck and Rum children came over on a MOWI charter boat to join us. First we played a game of Boccia. Boccia is a game where there are two teams and each team have a different colour ball. You have to sit on a chair for whole game. The red throws the jack first and blue gets throw their ball and the aim of the game is to get your ball closest to the jack. The blue team one that one. In that team was me, Hugh, Nan.

After that we played curling. We had three teams and we each got to name them all. Arlo chose ours which was called Tiger Blast! Tara’s team won that game.

We then had relay races. First it was a normal relay and then after that it got harder and harder. One thing was we had to run with a teddy and then we had to hold a teddy and also a pom-pom on your head. After that changed the teddy to a shuttlecock and had to balance that and hold it. Then we had to jump over lava which was really a bit of string. It was very tricky and really fun.

After that we did some drama. We did a play called the The Bannock of the Small Isles. We all had parts to play. I played George sitting round the fire with lots of other people talking. It was very fun.

My favourite part was we got to go outside and play. We played Kick the Can, which is where everyone hides and someone counts. When the counter stops counting they have to find the other players. When you see them you’ve got to say their names and both race to the can.

After that we played a game that we were animals. We were all animals hiding in the forest. There were hunters who tried to find the wild animals. If you caught the wild animal they become a hunter.

Then we had wildlife club with Norah.

Tadhgan P6