Eigg & Muck School Trip to Mallaig


Day 1

We went to school as normal and then in the afternoon and we met with the Muck children and we went home early. We collected our luggage and headed for the pier to get the boat to Mallaig. It was a very long boat trip and when we got to Mallaig we split into three groups for our accommodation. I was with Hugh, Oscar, Alex and Ms B. Freya was with Agnes, Violet, Tara, Amanda and Mrs Hollands and in the final group Arlo, Sarah, Ness and Mr Merrick. That evening myself and Hugh had a very long game of cards. It lasted a LOOONG time because we showed each other different card games and then we went to sleep.

Day 2

We got up early, made lunch and myself and Hugh had a game of Uno and then we headed to the Swimming Pool. At the Swimming Pool we started to learn about life saving skills and we rounded the session off with a bit of diving and then it was fun time. I really enjoyed diving! After that we went to the library and we had a look at a few books and me and Hugh made a house out of lego. We went to the Folk Museum and it was really good. We did a quiz which related to different parts of the museum. I thought it was cool. We all then had an ice cream/ ice lolly in the sun. We then went to the hall and played a game called Hounds and Hares. If Pam shouted hounds the hounds would chase after the hares and vis versa! Then after dinner Hugh and I played chess and then a game of cards with Oscar.

Day 3

We got up early, made lunch and then we got on the train. And surprise, surprise me and Hugh had ANOTHER game of chess. We got off the train and walked along the banks of the Caledonian Canal and went to the Newton Rooms. The younger ones went to Fort William to the cinema to see Sing 2 and they also went to the Folk Museum and to the Highland Book Shop. Outside the Newton Rooms we met Nick and we went into a big room and he told us what we were going to do. We then went into another room and we measured the circumference of the robot’s wheels and then we estimated the length first and then we measured it. We then made our own shapes on the floor out of masking tape. We turned the robot on and programmed it to drive along our masking tape shape we had created. We then programmed the robot to turn corners and had fun making it do other things like funny faces and light up. We then got the train back to Mallaig and had dinner on the train. Then we went swimming and learnt more about survival skills and identifying different casualties and how they would react in the water. We then went home and me and Hugh went to the coop to get some sweets and got back and went to bed. We were very tired.

Day 4

We had breakfast and made lunch and then we did some reading and played a game of chess with Hugh (again!). We then went to the hall and played a game with 3 teams which had 3 people in each team. Each corner had a different task. One was trying to kick the ball as many times as you can, the other was hiting the ball with the shinty stick and the other was getting a basket ball over a bench and bouncing a ball with a tennis racket. It was fun and exhausting! 🙂 I forgot my jacket so had to collect it there. We then had lunch and me, Hugh and Alex and Oscar along with Ms B went to get a hot chocolate and it was lovely. After that we went to the Toy Shop while others went dancing. Then me, Hugh and Tara went to a modern dance class in the hall. We did a bit more reading and went to bed.

Day 5

We got up early, packed our bags and headed back to the boat. I had a really fun filled time but it was also nice to be back in Eigg.

Tadhgan P6