Treoir | Voar | Virr with Nan and Gabe

We drew some pictures about the Wee Bannock of Eigg using a scratch board and a special sharp pen. We had to stick the board onto the table with sellotape so that it didn’t move while we were drawing. My picture was of a bannock under a tree and the sheep ate the bannock because there was no leaves on the tree.

We also learnt about an amazing book called the Book of Kells. It’s the best book in the world. We heard about Aisling who is a fairy that lives in the forest. We watched a video about her too. We then looked at the Book of Kells and the lovely pictures. We had a stencil of the first letter of our first name and coloured it in just like in the Book of Kells. Mine was really colourful.

We had to find our favourite tree so we would get our fairy name. My favourite is the tree next to the Swap Shop. I think it is a pine tree. The fairy name I picked was Daisy as that’s my favourite name.

I really enjoyed drawing the pictures with Nan and Gabe. It was really fun.

Violet P2