Our visit to the tree nursery

We planted hazel trees which will eventually go into the forest with Tasha. We put the plant pots together and put in the seeds into the soil. We sieved the mud out of the hazel nuts and we washed them with a hose and then we put them in the pots. Tasha gave us a tour around the polytunnel and showed us lots of other plants which she planted.

We then planted other trees that needed to be replanted in the forest next to the hall. It was really fun! I planted a cherry tree, a hazel tree and a birch tree. Then we walked down to the lodge and we made a huge nest out of all the sticks which could fit everyone inside. It was so good! And after that we played in the garden which has a very steep hill. We rolled down the hill and got so wet! At the bottom of the hill I found part of an old palm tree which was rotten and i put it on my head for fun as a wig! (see picture) 🙂 .

Freya P4