Corncrake Geniuses

A couple of weeks ago we started learning about corncrakes with a RSPB worker called Natasha. She has only done two lessons with Eigg, Muck and Rum primary schools and we already know all about corncrakes, where they like to nest, what they eat and what eats them.

Today we started brain storming with the other islands about ideas for a corncrake activity pack for kids so they can become corncrake clueless to corncrake geniuses. We have created a plan with Natasha and we are on stage three out of six. The next step is to use the notes from the previous lessons and start planning the activity pack.

Facts about corncrakes

  1. In the UK there is less than 900 females
  2. they are really noisy in the morning
  3. they like eating bugs and beetles
  4. they live in silage fields

By Betsy P7