Our John Muir Awards

On Friday 4th June we shared our John Muir Trust presentations with everyone. You can see and hear what we said in our presentations in these short films. We have also described what we were proud and happy about in our work, and what else we wish we might have done.

We hope you enjoy the films and are inspired to explore the natural world as we were.

Maggie Carr

Star: I’m proud off what I achieved and that I made a flower and moth guide all by myself

Star: I’m happy that I was supported by teachers and friends to help me accomplish a goal

Wish: I wish I’d given myself more time to do my slide show

Maggie Carr John Muir Award presentation film

Tadhgan McCarthy

Star: I’m proud of the book I made which showed the types of trees in the Manse Woods

Star: I liked that so many people helped me with the book and cutting down the non-native saplings.

Wish: Next time I do a presentation I would make sure I practised more.

Tadhgan McCarthy John Muir Award presentation film

Betsy Jobson

Star: I liked the video made of me- I think it helped me a lot with my John Muir Award.

Star :I am proud of my presentation,  it was a lot work, The quote book helped also.

Wish: I wish I was not as nervous as I was when the camera was in front.

Betsy Jobson John Muir Award presentation film

In my presentation I talk about a film I made about Eigg. You can watch My Island Tour by clicking here

Mrs Hollands said:

I am very proud of the children’s’ achievements while working on their John Muir Awards; their work was of such high standard that the level of award was put up to Explore from Discovery.

We aimed to use the activities they worked on during the First Lockdown and all of them used different and exciting ways to plan and build on their discoveries.