Gardening at Eigg Primary School

In our gardening day we put cardboard onto the soil in the vegetable garden . Then we moved seaweed from the top of the garden to the bottom of the garden.

After a few weeks the seaweed and cardboard will turn into soil. The worms help make the soil by eating the seaweed and cardboard and then pooping it out. The worms do this lots and lots of times to make soil. So we would like to tell everybody that worms are very important. If we had no worms the soil would be very strange and nothing would grow. No trees, no vegetables. or flowers, or even grass.

All the teachers were very surprised that we were happy to do this job because the seaweed is a bit smelly with lots of flies in it. Some steam even came out of it. Very smelly. But we thought it was ok.

We also made raised beds in the polytunnel out of an old pallet. A raised bed helps show people where the path is, so they don’t walk on the plants we grow. Tadhgan helped Katrin take the pallet apart.

After we finished gardening, we put the tools we used back in the polytunnel. The wheelbarrow takes up too much space in the polytunnel so instead we take it outside and turn it upside down so that it doesn’t fill up with rain water.

It was a lovely, cosy, happy day. The sun shone over us. We think summer is nearly here. We are looking forward to gardening some more. The next thing we are going to do is grow vegetables. To do this we plant seeds. Or, we thought we might try eat a carrot and put half of it in the soil to see if it grows back. We don’t think this will work, but it will be fun to try.

By Agnes and Freya P3