Our visit to the pier building site

On the 5th of May 2021 the school went to visit the building site at the pier where they are building a new shower, toilet and washing machine block. They are building this for visitors who might need it when they come to Eigg. The name of the building company is Compass. We met a man called Willie. His job is the site manager.

Willie showed us around the building site. We saw a telehandler and a diamond cutter. Everybody loved the diamond cutter and it was my favourite thing. Freya said ” We looked at the diamond cutter used to cut rocks and concrete – it was really fun.”

We saw the septic tank which is 8m long and 2m high – that’s 1 and a half Tadhgan’s high! It will be buried one and a quarter Tadhgan’s high.

The builders had to cut down a large piece of concrete with the diamond cutter. But it was very hard to smash down. They still haven’t managed to do it yet. But they will manage some time in 2021, I’m sure.

The new building will be finished in a couple of months time.

Here are some of the things the other children said about the visit.

Arlo: We were outside the new toilets – it was good.

Violet: We were where the washing machines are going to go – it was awesome.

Betsy: We looked at two concrete mixers. One was big and the other small. This is the bigger one – I enjoyed the visit,

Agnes: It was great fun.

Colm: I liked the hot chocolate afterwards.

Maggie: It was very exciting. Willie is the site manager who showed us around.

By Tadhgan P5