Forest School on Eigg

We got to forest school and we sat in a patch of wild garlic. We were talking in forest school. We then climbed up the tree to have a meeting about making a bike. Afterwards we started making the bike. There was rocks for the wheels. Wild garlic for the tyres and the seat. Sticks for the frame and flowers and sticks for the basket on the front. The bike smelled garlicky.

After that we were playing a game looking for each thing that was haunty in the forest school. We found scary sticks, little hats made of shells, and leaves that were scary. The leaves looked like they had scary faces on them.

Then we got ready to go home. We went home.

We had a very nice fun day in forest school. I hope we go to forest school again soon.

If you would like to visit our forest school, then go to the pheasantry on Eigg.

Agnes P3