Betsy’s home school experience

Hi, my name is Betsy. I go to Eigg primary.

Like everybody, I am not at school because of Covid-19. I find it different because I am normally in class. I miss being with my class with everyone and I miss playing around with my friends. My break is also different. I make my own snack out of the salads we have in our fridge.

I enjoy online classes because I get to see my friends that live on the other islands. I see them in the morning at the 9:30 registration then we go to work online on google classroom where our work was sent to us. I have the Eigg and Muck cluster and the Mallaig primary cluster but it is hard because I have 2 older siblings. My brother is in high school and my sister is in college.

We have had beautiful weather so we can go outside at break. We could return when mum or dad comes and shouts us.

I also wrote an article for our local newspaper which is called the West Word.  Here it is.

Being off school is quite hard because I don’t have my friends with me and we have to keep away from each other which is very strange as I’m not used to working alone. When I am working at home I can get food whenever I want and when I’m working my mum gives me time to get my questions right.

I have called my friends a few times while at home but I miss laughing in class with them and I love break time with them because they make up fun games to play.

To keep in touch with the teacher, we use google meet on the links our teacher sends to us and we also do it using email which we use a lot to email each other anyway. I do love being home with my family but It is weird not having teachers around and I am really excited to go to school because we do fun stuff in class and our teacher makes us laugh.

I am really glad everyone is staying at home so we can all be safe and healthy and we can all see our friends much sooner.

Besty P6