School in Lockdown

We have turned the sunroom at the Glebe into our classroom while school is closed.  It has a good view of the sea and the mainland and is a good place to work. Our days are pretty busy still, with lots to learn. Maths, English and Science seem to take up no time at all.

We made a birdfeeder and put it on the ash tree outside the window.  Lots of birds come including greenfinch, chaffinch, siskin, robin and blackbird.  One day we saw lots of goldfinch.  They have very pretty bright colours. We found out that a flock of goldfinch are called a charm.  The siskin are cute and tiny and yellow coloured. 

One of our school projects is writing a kids book.  It is a bit similar to Brambly Hedge, because it is about a family of shrews on an adventure in the Manse Woods.  We love going to the Manse Woods to get ideas and sketches for our book.   Last time we went to the woods we found some clay in the river bank.  We would like to use the clay to make a house that the shrews in our story might like.

By Tadhgan (P4) and Freya (P2)