We have our 5th Green Flag!

Eigg Primary is part of Eco Schools Scotland and we have been working towards getting our 5th Green Flag.

To get a Green Flag we have to learn what Eco School want us to learn about saving the planet.  Since our last Green Flag we have been working very hard looking at energy, at Global Citizenship, and litter.

We have made a booklet to go in the craft shop.  In this booklet we have a section about the different energy sources on Eigg that make our electricity.  These are hydro, wind and solar. Bob gave us a tour around Eigg Electric.  He works there and also at Earth Connections Eco Centre.

The booklet also has sections about visiting people whose lifestyles are sustainable.  We went to visit Lucy, Neil, Jenny, Simon and Bob.

Most of Lucy’s vehicles are powered by electricity.  She has an electric bicycle, an electric wheelbarrow and a Twizy (which is an electric car!)

Neil grows all of his vegetables and keeps his own chickens.  This means he doesn’t have to buy vegetables that come to Eigg on a boat that has gone all around the world using diesel that makes a lot of CO2.  It would be extremely good if all the people in the world copied Neil and grew their own veg.

Jenny has her own sustainable business making very delicate and detailed knitwear.  She does not use artificial colouring, instead she makes dye from wild flowers around her on Eigg.

Simon was the first person to have a working solar panel on his house here on Eigg.  A solar panel heats water by trapping energy that comes from the sun and turns it into hot water.

The booklet also has a section of Eigg’s wood fuel business. We went and visited there and Becca gave us a tour to find out how people produce wood from our forest to make it into firewood.

If you would like to buy our booklet, come to the Eigg Craft Shop where it will be on sale soon.  There’s an extra special reason for buying the booklet.  We made a song that is extremely catchy and fun to sing.  It’s called “Eigg is Going Green” and you sing it to the tune of “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles.

I’m very pleased to say that we have now been awarded our 5th Green Flag.  I wonder if we’re the school with the most Green Flags in Scotland?

By Maggie, P5