School’s New Library

We have a new library.

A library is where we read books.  Our library has lots and LOTS of books.  We have books with pictures. We have books with writing but no pictures – these are for adults and older children to read. We have books with stories and special books that tell us about things that are important to know.

Our new library also has a new rug.  The rug is blue and green and black and white and yellow and orange.  Our library has some new cushions. Two of have lions on them. Three of the cushions have pandas on them. Two and three make five. There are five children in the school.

We also have some new books. They are about fairies and robots and aliens. Fairies can fly and do magic. Robots do what we tell them to do. Aliens are green and cheeky and they live in space.

The library has moved from where it was before.  It is very nice and we LOVE it.

By Agnes and Freya (and Lucy helped)