Being safe on the internet

Today we learned about the world wide web and we did some actions with it too. It was really fun. We got string and we went all around the room, but we got stuck a lot of times. 

It showed us that we have to be careful on the Internet.  If we were messaging a random person on a mobile phone, you would not be allowed to say your first name, second name, last name, or your address.

You should only message someone that you know. Before you go on the internet, ask your mum or dad if it’s safe to play an internet game. You must always make sure someone checks it before you use it.  It might be unsafe. 

If something happens and you’re not very sure about it, you should always go to your mum or dad for help.  If you’re at school, you should ask your teacher.  

In the picture we are all holding strings around the room.  We are learning how people can message around the world.  So we got string and held it then we went to each side of the room and shouted “World Wide Web!”

IMG_1809 (1)


By Carmen San Diago P5