It all began last week when it started snowing on Eigg. The snow sounded like crunch, crunch, crunch, under my feet as I walked up the hill with the sledge.


We zoomed down the hill on our sledges.  The sledges looked like the colours of the rainbow with a dash of black. They zoomed down the hill like the fastest jet in the world.

Then we had the most fun snowball fight ever. We threw snow at each other whilst running. We almost always managed to hit each other – probably because we were all throwing HUGE snowballs. Freya and Agnes got very cold so we had to stop.

The snow lasted for a long time. A whole week and a half.  I wish it could stay, so we could play in it for longer. Most of the snow has melted, but there was still enough to sledge on it today.

We also did symmetry in the snow, which was very fun. Symmetry means something is the same on both sides if you fold it. If you fold a triangle in half, what do you get? Two half triangles that look exactly the same!

I took a photograph of a plant trough in the snow.  If you were able to fold it, the two ends would be the same. It is symmetrical.


Here is a video of Maggie making the snow crunch.

By Tadhgan, P3