First Week back at school

This week we went to the orchard and picked some apples. There were hundreds, far more than last year. The trees were full of bright red delicious apples. We even ate some as we went. They were good!

Miss Fee made a Dental Surgery role play area.  We have a dentist chair for the patient, a reception area with a diary for the receptionist to take phone calls and make appointments. There are lots of toothbrushes and an inspection tool. The dentist helps the patient and looks in her mouth for any holes using a mirror.

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust came to visit.  They showed us whale and dolphin teeth and a video about lots of different whales and dolphins, like common dolphin, Minke Whale, a porpoise and Orca whales.  They gave us pictures of whales and dolphins and their logo to colour in.

One of the fun things we did was draw self-portraits. We took a photograph of ourselves, cut it in half, stuck it on a piece of paper and drew the other half.   We then put our self portraits into frames and stuck them on the wall.

On our second day back at school we all wrote about what we did on our holidays.  We also drew a picture to illustrate our stories and pinned them to the wall.

We have all been thinking about our targets.  We had to think of two school targets and one personal target.   We took a photograph of ours.

We took a photograph of the two new Primary One children to send to West Word.

Blog by Maggie and Betsy.