P1s First Blog Post

On Thursday we were counting.  We matched up number shapes with the same number of dogs of different colours.  There are six pink dogs and three yellow dogs.  The number six is more than the number three.

We also did cooking with some apples from the orchard.  We made apple cake.  It was yummy.  We ate the cake and Mrs Hollands and Katrin had some too.

On Friday we put all the numbers in the right order.  We started with zero and ended up at ten.  We made number shapes with rope and circles and bits of stick and matched them up.

Then we made Eigg families and put them into houses on a street.  One house had Miss Fee and her friend Fi in it.  That makes two people in the house.  Mrs Hollands house has four people, two dogs and a one cat living in it.  That makes seven.

On Friday we also made sentences out of words.  One sentence said The princes kissed an ugly frog.  Another sentence said Our car drove under the sea.

When you put sentences together, they make a story.  One kind of story is a blog.  Blog stories are on websites.  We have written our first blog story today.  We hope you like it.

Eigg Primary One.