What we plant in our school

In our school we planted flowers and vegetables.  First of all we plant seeds. We raked the earth and made a line with the trowel.  Then we sprinkled the seeds over it.  We covered them up and waited for the rain.  We also planted seeds into small pots and then put the seedlings into the ground.   We planted chillis, cucumber, brussel sprouts, carrots, peas and lots of other vegetables and flowers.   We think they will have all grown by the summer holidays.

In our school we also planted trees and vegetables.  We put the spade in the ground and then levered it back.  After that the tree went in the hole.  We put a cane in beside the tree and put a spiral on it to make it safe.  We did the same for the hedge plants, which are by the fence.  We think the trees will take a lot of years before they are grown  – we will probably be all grown up.

Ben and Tadhgan