Trip to the wood

We went to the wood to learn about the wood business…. and we learnt lots.

Eigg is world class at producing green electricity and so now we want greener heating for our homes.  When we burn wood we release a smaller amount of carbon dioxide than when we burn coal or kerosene.  We grow wood so we have a renewable energy source.

When we arrived we saw all the types of machines and technology there… and the rubber ducky.   Also, we saw our new shed.  it was VERY big.

We interviewed Neil and we got to hold a chainsaw.  We got to wear a helmet.  We took photographs of us holding a chainsaw with a helmet on our head.

At the wood we made a film about the wood business.  Miss Fee was the film person and Ben, Tadhgan, Betsy and Maggie were talking about how the wood business works (and doing a cool dance at the end).

Here are some photographs of our visit and our film.  We hope you enjoy them.