Our trip to Muck for Water Safety Course


First of all we went on the Sheerwater to Muck and to the school to have lunch first and we met all the other Muck children there. After lunch we then did some riddles with Hugh from a big book. Then it was time to go to the hall for the water safety. We met the ladies there and the first thing we did was played a game where you had to run to different walls with NO! YES! and MAYBE! written on them. The lady would ask us a question and we would run to the wall we thought was right.

Then we had to leave the hall and when the women came back she said she had flooded the hall but actually she had put down a blue sheet that was meant to be the sea water.

The lady then showed us different objects that could be handy if you were in trouble in the water. We had to go in pairs and shout “catch it cuddle it, kick your legs”. I did that one with Colm.

She then told us all to lie down very quetly and not to move. She then came round and put ice on my face to see if we would move or not. We were told to keep really still and I got a fright and moved a little bit.

We then played a game where we had to throw a snowball into the penguin ring. That was really fun. Taghdan was really good and won the whole game.

We also played a game to see who could keep their hand in the ice bucket the longest and I won!

Tara dipped the whole bucket of ice on her head and she said it wasn’t cold! haha

We then all got a treat. I got a rocky road and it was really good. We played for a bit in the playground and then we all went home.

Arlo P1