Our Christmas play

Our Christmas play this year is different because instead of doing a play in the hall we are doing a stop motion animation.

A stop motion animation is a video. You make it by creating loads of pictures and then taking a photo of them every time we move something in the picture a tiny bit. We do all this in an app. When you press play on the app it shows all the pictures one after another. This makes it look like someone is moving.

In the pictures we’ve taken you can see us cutting things out to make the pictures.

The story is called The Octuplets and the Christmas Pudding. It’s about six brothers and sisters and they all have special powers. For example, my power is strength. Maggie’s power is that she can breath fire. Betsy is that she can fly without wings. Freya’s is that she can run really fast. Agnes’ is that she can talk to animals. Violet is that she can freeze anything by touching it. Colm is the Christmas pudding. Arlo has a magic sword and Oran can turn himself into a car.

We have really enjoyed making the video. My favourite bit is….. I can’t tell you. It would give it all away!

If you want to find out what happens, you’ll have to watch the video we will send out.

It will probably be a few weeks until we’re finished. But we hope you really like it.

Tadhgan P5

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