How to Draw a Dragon

Last week we made some drawings of dragons. A lady called Kate met with us online and told us about her job drawing animals to illustrate books. Her job is an illustrator.

We decided we would draw some dragons inspired by books we had about. The Dragon Store Worm was one of the books. We had another dragon book, which we think was called Myths and Legends.

If you want to draw a dragon, you have to find some pictures of all different kinds of animals. We got lots of books of animals and whichever the page that opened we used parts of that animal to make a dragon. For example, a wing from a bat or a horn from mountain goat. A bird’s beak or tortoise shell. You can put all these together to make a dragon.

Agnes’ dragon has bird’s feet and a tortoise shell. It has snakes for a tail and Stegosaurus plates. Her dragon is big and is terrifying when it is cross. It also helps plants grow.

Freya’s dragon has a cobra head, butterfly wings and chameleon’s feet. Its back legs are tiger feet. This dragon is small and helpful.

Top tip for drawing a dragon. If your dragon is big then you draw it with a small background. If your dragon is small, then you draw it with a big background. Maggie’s dragon could fit in the palm of your hand. You can see it is small next to her leg.

Tadhgan’s dragon is similar to the size of an eagle. You can see the eagle in the picture beside his dragon.

Betsy’s dragon is HUGE. You can tell that because the house next to it looks very small.

Everyone in our class drew a dragon too. You can see pictures of them here.

By Agnes and Freya P3 🙂