All about our garden and polytunnel

This morning we went to the school polytunnel and garden so we could see the plants that are there.

Before the summer holidays we planted seeds and they grew and grew into small plants. And then they grew into medium size plants, and then into big plants.

Some of the seeds were planted in the garden and some in the polytunnel.

When we got to the garden, all of the plants had grown really big. There were tomatoes, potatoes and sweetcorn. There was also nasturtiums, carrots and turnips, cauliflower, broccoli and runner beans. The grape vine has grown very big, but there are no grapes on it yet. We also have a lemon tree, not a melon tree! We sometimes get those words muddled up because they sound like each other. They have the same letters in them, but in a different order.

Most of the vegetables are not ready to eat yet, but some of the tomatoes are ready and so are all of the nasturtiums. We won’t have to wait long until everything is ready. That makes us feel very happy and excited.

Arlo and Oran from the nursery water the plants, but because they are not there on Fridays , one of the primary school pupils water the plants for them.

We are pleased and very proud of our garden and polytunnel. We will go and see it all again soon