My Birthday

It was my birthday on Friday. I am nine now. It was a great birthday. When I woke up I felt older. Being older felt like I’m a bit taller and know more.

When I got to school it was a bit like a normal day. Until lunchtime it was totally fine and then everyone sang happy birthday to me. It felt special. Colm shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY instead of singing. When I got home I got found out that mum and dad and most of my family had given me some presents. And also someone not from my family gave me a knife for a present . I think he gave it to me because I am interested in his knife making. Knife making is interesting because of how you turn a lump of metal into a knife, using heat.

The next person to have a birthday in Eigg Primary will be Maggie. She will be 11.

This the birthday hat, but I didn’t want to wear it because I think people look a bit silly with it on.

Tadhgan P5