When we were in Mallaig we were not at home on Eigg, so we ate in lots of different places.

We had fish and chips in the Cabin.

We had ice creams in the Harry Potter shop and cafe.

We had breakfast at the hostel. For breakfast we had lots of things.  I ate cereal and toast with jam.

We had dinner at the hostel on Wednesday and Thursday.  I can’t remember what I ate, but I do remember it was delicious.

We had lunch in Mallaig Primary School on Wednesday.  I could choose what I wanted to eat for lunch from two options.  I chose beans, chicken nuggets and other things I can’t remember.

On Thursday we had sandwiches for lunch after we went to see the Harry Potter train.

We had snacks in the High School.

I liked all the food, except for the chicken nuggets because they were too spicy.

By Tadhgan, P4