Our lifeboat and swimming trip to Mallaig


When we went to Mallaig we got to go to the lifeboat and they taught us about what would happen a real life situation at sea. The lifeboat crew were called Tony and Michael.

When we arrived they showed us a introduction about saving lives at sea. After that we went to the tack room and my best friend Maggie tried all the gear on.


When we went to the actual boat we were life boat assistants. We got given jobs. I was the boss at the front of the boat.  The boss is not called a boss, it’s called the coxswain. Everybody was either a navigator or a driver or engineer. Next we went down the stairs and went to the engine room with all the toolboxes and tools.

We also went into the bow of the boat. It was like a compartment with a door that could open and shut. The lifeboat crew teased us that they were going to lock us in.  Tony and Michael showed us these suits that keep you warm when you get out of the sea.


The lifeboat is part of the West Highland emergency service and we are very grateful for it because it saves lives at sea.

By Betsy P6


When we went to Mallaig we went swimming every day.

Freya learnt to swim.

Tadhgan learnt to swim and jump into water safely.

Maggie and Betsy learnt to dive from standing position, dive from kneeling, back crawl, front crawl, breaststroke and back stroke.

20190925_150514After the learning bit we got fun swim, where mats got put into the pool and we could play for ½ an hour.  Sadly Freya and Tadhgan were not allowed in the deep end because they are not strong swimmers.

My favourite part of swimming was fun swim because I can sit at the bottom of the pool for as long as I want. I can hold my breath for over a minute.

There was a yellow mat with leg holes in it, meant for babies. First Freya got in it and we had a great play about.  She then wanted to get out but was stuck so Mr Merrick got her out then what did I do… I got in it and guess what happened… I got stuck and guess what… Betsy, Tadhgan and Freya couldn’t get me out and guess what… Mr Merrick couldn’t get me out.  Then I got out of the  swimming pool and still couldn’t get out and I was starting to get a wedgie.  Luckily Mr Merrick saved me from my humiliation and got me out but I was still laughing when I got home to the hostel.

By Maggie P6