Mallaig and Nursery Adventures

When the other children were in Mallaig, I joined the nursery.  At nursery Violet and me made pizza.  To make pizza you take flour and water and yeast and oil and a TINY bit of sugar and mix them together.  You have to weigh things first.  When you have mixed everything together you have to leave it for a couple of hours and then it rises.

We rolled it out and I made a heart shape.  Then we put some sauce on the pizza and decorated it with corn.  Then we cooked it!   It cooked quite quick.  We took it out of the oven and ate it for lunch. It tasted yummy.

By Agnes, P2

When I was in Mallaig I went to the Heritage Centre and I sat on a big big chair with all my friends, except Agnes who was in Eigg.  But first it was just me.  We went to Mallaig to learn to swim.  Tadhgan and me learned to do breast stroke and froggy legs at the same time.  Swimming was really good – I love it.  We went to the lifeboat and we stayed in the hostel which is where the teenagers who go to Mallaig High stay. The hostel was good.  The adults were kind and helpful.

By Freya, P2

On Friday, Miss Campbell and all her pupils from Mallaig High School came to spend the afternoon with us.  They came to do art with us. We made maps of Eigg together.  The maps are very useful because they show people who come to Eigg where things are.  Agnes’ favourite bit of her map is the Sgurr.  Freya likes all of the map she made.

By Freya and Agnes P2