Off to the forestry!

On Monday 9th September Eigg Primary and Nursery went to the forestry to see the trees getting cut down. Here’s us when we put our safety jackets on and got told the safety rules by Becca. The rules were: stay together, always listen to people, don’t climb the wood piles and be kind to others.


We left the shed and went to the top compartment to meet Ian Shaw. He cuts down the wood with a cool vehicle called a Harvester. It was really muddy and rainy but it was still really fun.

When we got there we all got a go on the harvester. You can see videos of Tadhgan, Agnes and Colm cutting down trees at the bottom of this blogpost. This is a picture of me and Ian Shaw with the Harvester.


Ian Shaw  cut down the wood, then Tracy picked up the logs and dropped them off at the track end. Finally Ian Dow took them on the tractor to the pier to wait for the boat to come and collect them.

We will sell most of the wood to people on the mainland and keep some of it to burn on our fires at home.