Apple tasting and jam making

We went to the orchard to pick some apples.  Last time we went the apples were not ripe so we picked plums and did pruning.

We know how you can tell is an apple is ripe.  You can tell if apple is ripe when you twist them and they come off.

There were lots of apples on the ground so we picked those up and picked some more off the trees.

There were four different kinds of apples.  Their names are Discovery, Fiesta, James Grieve and Katy.

We like all the apples.   Freya likes the taste of Katy, but Agnes likes the name Fiesta better.  Agnes likes the taste of the Fiesta too.  We like the taste of all of the apples.

We cooked the plums we picked last time and made them into jam.  We cooked the plums with three bags of sugar and put it into jam jars. The jam went plop plop plop.

The jam jars have labels on them. We made the labels.

We will eat the jam and also sell it.  It tastes like the best jam in the world.  We think you should try it.

Agnes and Freya, P2