On Thursday we were planting new things in our school garden and making our playground safe and more fun.  We had lots and lots of help from grown ups.  They helped with digging and putting seaweed in our polytunnel and cutting the willow den because it had got too big and had bits sticking out.  They also helped by making our green slide safe.  We helped the grown ups.  We were pruning the willow den and Maggie helped dig seaweed into the polytunnel.

On Friday we went to the orchard.  We planted a pear tree.  Maggie started to dig the hole and then we all had a turn.  Then we put a post into it – Neil had to hit it hard with a hammer to make it go into the ground.  We tied the pear tree to the post so that it won’t fall down or blow away.   After we tied the tree to the post we put the soil back in the hole.  The soil helps the tree not fall down.  The soil keeps the tree warm and helps the tree to grow.

While we were in the orchard we spotted that the big plum tree had some blossom.  Blossom is a flower that turns into a plum.  The sun helps turn the blossom into a plum.  There was lots of blossom, so we think there will be lots of plums.

We would like to go back to the orchard soon so that we can pick some plums and some apples. The pear tree is smaller than the apple and the plum trees, so we will probably have to wait a few years for the pear tree to have pears on it.

Tadhgan fell asleep in the bracken.  Can you see him in the picture?

By Agnes and Freya P1