The day we had breakfast at school

When we came to school on Friday, we had to make our own breakfast.  Normally we eat breakfast at home before we come to school. Friday was a special day.  It was carbohydrate day.  Carbohydrates are amazing because they give you energy!!

The first thing I ate was  muesli.  I was the only one who had muesli.  The others ate cornflakes or porridge.

Then I cooked toast for some of us.  I cooked it in a toaster.  Maggie Betsy and I put jam on it and then we ate it.  The others had to wait.

Then we had baguettes with honey.  Betsy made them and Agnes cut them into thirds.  There was six pieces all together. Everyone ate the baguettes and honey including Mrs Hollands.

*  it is tasty

*  I learnt lots about carbohydrates.  They give you energy.

/ next time I would like to do some more investigation to find out which carbohydrates have the most energy.

Tadhgan P3.