Eigg Primary School Christmas Play

Our play was called Night of a Thousand Lights.  The play was very nice.  In the play all of the children were in a balloon.  The balloon traveled to India to celebrate Diwali.  Then we went New York City to celebrate Hanukkah.

We dressed up as angels.  The nursery dressed up as kings.  And there was also some shepherds.  We all visited Bethlehem to meet the baby Jesus.

In all these places we sang songs and did a dance.  My favourite song was the Hanukkah song and the dance was my favourite too. The singing and the dancing was easy and fun.  I had a dream about the Hanukkah song and the dance when I went to bed after the show.

It was really nice to have an audience to watch the play.  We knew they liked the play because they clapped and cheered.

Blog Post by Agnes, P1.