Christmas Cards from Children

Today we made some Christmas cards for the people who helped us in the show I made quite a few. After that we made little gifts to go with the cards. I made one for Fee. I sewed an F on to some sewing paper that is the first letter of her name. After we got every one to write their name on  to the cards.

On Tuesday we did our play called Night of a Thousand Lights.When I was on stage I felt scared but half way through I let go of my fears and just did it. I felt happy that I let go of my fears. My favorite was the Indian dance because when we were learning it, on the video it said beware.  In the show one of my lines was,” It’s Wes up ahead, his driving’s outrageous!”

1 day after the show we all got certificates a reward and it said how we did in the show my one said ,”knowing all her lines and a super performance in our show!” and it also said ” well done!” and it was from the headteacher and here is a picture of us getting our superstar rewards.


When the teacher was taking the photo we all said,” Our show star award!”.  Afterwards we want out to break. 

By Betsy p5