High School Induction


On Small Isles Week on Wednesday Catriona and I went on induction to Mallaig high school with the Mallaig, Morar and Arisaig schools. My favourite lesson was Chemistry because there were lots of cool experiments and explosions but I also liked Art, Computing and the mini highland games.

Blowing up the school in chemistry    colour change and precipitation (chemistry version)

Blowing up the school in chemistry.     colour change and precipitation

(chemistry version).

In English we were given a book called “Fat Boy Swim” to read over the holidays but it is quite short. I have already read about a quarter of it and I will read it again before the end of the summer holidays.

We stayed in the hostel where we had nice suppers and I shared a room with Ryan from Canna. The staff and other residents were very friendly.  I liked seeing my brother Murry because he doesn’t come home much.

Overall I really enjoyed the week and met lots of new people and the only bad thing was having to wait in the lunch Que for 20 minutes on Thursday!