High School Induction week


Me and Logan went on our induction to Mallaig High School last week. We started by going into the hall in the school and getting our timetables and an introduction to the school, I was really nervous and a little worried  about finding my way to all our different classes. We were broken up into groups and our different houses then the new S2’s  gave us a tour of the school and we met some of the teachers.

We then went to our classes. At lunch you have to pay at the till with a young Scot card, but we didn’t have cards so we had a pin number. It was really confusing, and there are  so many people older than you so its quite intimidating, although day went really quickly and it was fun.

The next day started off with a mini highland games to win points for our houses, the s2’s joined us and the winning house was Duich, I’m in Nevis. After this we went off to lunch, again I was quite nervous, but after I was alright and when the bell went I ran off to find my class.

Then came the last day!  I was going home on the school boat at the end of the day, Friday was good. We had an art lesson and even thought I don’t like art lessons in school, it was good. At the end of the day I said goodbye to the staff at the hostel and rushed off down to the boat. i enjoyed my trip and i’m looking forward to high school, but it was good to get home and see my family and pets.