Day 1 of our Edinburgh trip


On the first day of the Edinburgh trip we were all very exited when we were at the pier so we got on a special, but very rocky, boat called the Western Isles to Mallaig.

When we were leaving we saw a pod of dolphins which were following the boat. we all thought it was amazing and when we were coming into Mallaig we saw a seal.

When we got to Mallaig we got on the bus which took 5 hours to get to Edinburgh. After a while we stopped in Fort William for lunch and went in a really cool play area and then got back on the bus. Later on the bus Breagha, Clyde, Dylan and I just played top trumps most of the time. We played a couple of games but the last one lasted 3 hours!

When we got to the flat in Edinburgh we had dinner which was really tasty and then chose our beds and played for a while before we went to bed.