Day 4 of our Edinburgh Trip

On our Edinburgh Trip, for dinner on the last night we went to Pizza Express and Logan had a Margarita pizza with olives on it. Catriona had a Margarita pizza. Clyde had a Pianto. Mrs Boden had a really big pizza and it was so spicy that her face went red but she did share with all the other teachers. Dylan had a La Reine and Mrs Hollands had pasta and so did Maggie. Maisie had a Margarita. It was so loud and  great fun, I and everyone enjoyed it, mabye the teachers didn’t because they had to take all the orders and so did the waiters. I’ve just asked Mrs Boden and she said she enjoyed it and I think the waiter did too because we gave him a big tip.

Earlier in the day we went to visit a mosque and there were two beautiful chandeliers. In Islam they like beautiful patterns. In the learning centre we had to choose a poster and tell the class something about it.  I learned that in war Muslims only attack if they are being attacked, so they don’t like war the same us.