Our Amazing School Trip to Nethybridge

We started our trip at the pier and got the ferry to Mallaig. We mostly stayed in the lounge area and played puppet and dobble games. When we got to Mallaig there was a minibus there waiting for us. We then all went onto the minibus and it was a really nice bus! Cosy! Some people felt a little bit sick on the bus. We saw 3 highland cows, a deer and loads of horses from the bus and it was really cool. When we arrived at Nethybridge we were greeted by Sarah and she told us about what we were going to do that week. We then had dinner which was really tasty. We were all a bit tired from the journey and it was late so we all went to our cabin. We had a funny moment when we arrived at our cabin because we were taken to the wrong cabin and there were people sleeping in our cabin. It was really funny. We finally found our cabin called Cherry.

Day 2

There was a funny alarm playing music to wake us up. Some of us didn’t like the music and wanted to it stop but others danced in Ms Taylors room. Breakfast was really good. We had a fry up and pancakes -yum.

The first activity we did was bushcraft. We learned how to make a den and then how to make a fire using a flint. The fire was so hot we were able to boil water and make hot chocolate.

Me (Arlo), Colm, Oran went swimming which we really enjoyed.

Then we all did orienteering. We were given a map and we had to find certain points and made holes into the paper to show that we found the spot. That was fun!

After that we went dry slope skiing! It was amazing! The ski lift was really tricky as you had hold on to it as it moved up the hill. Colm lost his skis and ski boots but kept on going on the hill. It was so funny. Me (Agnes) and Freya saw a cart horse while we were there. It was beautiful.

Day 3

Day 3 started with the silver maze. We went to the woods and the first activity was like a massive sea-saw and we all had to keep it steady for 10 seconds. It was really hard. Then we did a tyre game which was like a problem solving game and you had to put the big tyres in the right order without moving them too many times. After that we played a game where we were all blindfolded and we had to stand in a line and follow the person in front. It was really creepy and funny too.

After lunch we played crazy crates. You had to pass the crates to each other while standing on one and make a path but you couldn’t drop them. If you did fall you turned into a crocodile.

We then played on the adventure course. It was full of tunnels, a mini zip line, climbing rope and balancing on tree trunks.

After that we all went on the big zip line and Freya kicked a branch on her way down. You were suppose to land on your feet at the end but everyone landed on their bottoms. We got really dirty! It was a bit scary and high but most of us did it. Colm didn’t grab on at the end and slid back into the middle. Tadhgan had to go and get him. It was funny! 🙂

Some of us were a bit tired by the end of this day but others went to the cinema to watch Despicable me. It was great.

Day 4

It was a really nice sunny day and we all did archery. It was really great because we used real arrows and we all hit the target. We played a game called the cutlery game. If you get a certain colour you get a piece of cutlery that you can use for your dinner that evening. Mr Merrick got a dead centre so that meant everyone got their cutlery. Yippeee


After that we went canoeing. We played games in the canoes which was really fun. We had great fun rowing around the calm water. Some of us went really fast.

After swimming we all went for a fun swim and it was great because we can do what we want.

In the evening we ended our trip with a bonfire and melted marshmallows with all the other children from other schools. We had to leave early as we had a very early early start the next day. 4am! zzzz

The bus home was very early and most of us slept on the bus. We had our breakfast when we got to Mallaig waiting room and then we all got the ferry home.

By Agnes P5 and Arlo P2