A visit from the Glasgow Science Centre

On Monday we went to the hall and met with the Muck children. We did singing with Nan first and then we had lunch. After lunch the Glasgow Science Centre people arrived. We learnt about the human body and did loads of really fun games with them. For example one of the games we had to figure out what was wrong with the person on the screen and try and give them the right medicine to save them. We also watched a video where the man put a camera down his throat and we could see inside his body. It was really yuck!

They showed us a heat scan of a body and it showed where it was hot and cold. If it was white it was really hot, red was a bit hot and dark red was cold. We played a game like Operation Game where you had to put the right organ in the right place on the body. They also showed us some lunges that belonged to a pig! One was black from too much smoking and the other one was healthy and good. Finally we played a game where you had to press the buttons that light up and copy the order. Tara was good at that one.

Violet P3.