Our Plum and Apple Factory


Today we went to the orchard to pick apples and plums.  It was a sunny and rainy day, and a bit midgey-bites.  Last time we went to the orchard the apples and plums were not ripe.  But today they were.  We took a basket with us to carry them back to school to count and weigh them.

We picked some apples, but we picked EVEN MORE plums and we guessed how many there were.

Freya guessed there would be 115.

Agnes guessed there would be 130.

We organised the plums into groups of 10.  And then we counted how many groups of tens there were.  There were 14. That meant there were 140 plums.  So Agnes was the closest guess and she was the winner.

We also weighed them to find out how heavy they were.  They was 5.11kg.

We had a nice time because we love picking plums and apples, because they are our favourite fruits.  We like blackberries too, but there weren’t any in the orchard.

The pears were not ripe.  We will go back another day when they are.

The orchard is near Shell Beach.  To get there you go up the hill near where the boats are and there is a gate which you open. You follow the hill a bit more and you’ll see the orchard.  We hope you find it and like it as much as we do.

By Agnes and Freya, P2