Our Celtic Museum

On Monday 5th February 2018 we invited parents to come to see the Celtic artefacts we had made as part of last term’s Celtic project.  We explained to them who the Celts were, when they lived and what kind of things they ate and wore.  We also entertained them with the Celtic sword dance and songs which had been a part of our Winter Solstice play.

This is how the children described the afternoon.

After they’d heard our songs and stories and looked at exhibits we then treated them to oatcakes we had made and a face-painting session, so they could be Celts too.

My mum and dad are having a Viking party soon to celebrate Imbolc and to raise money for the Ulva fund. I practised painting their faces at our Celtic Museum. I painted half my mum’s face blue, I painted triangles under my dad’s eyes.

I was very happy with how our oatcakes turned out apart from one which was a bit burnt and another really good one that Miss Fee dropped into the sink full of washing up bubbles!

I loved sharing my learning with everyone I know. It will help them learn too.

(Maggie, P4)

I had lots of fun at the Celtic Museum. We made oatcakes and gave them out to everyone.  They were a big hit! I painted my mum’s arm with Celtic designs. I really enjoyed learning about the Celts.

(Ben, P2)

The Celtic museum was so much fun. I loved when all the parents came and I loved sharing our learning with them. We made oatcakes that morning and they were delicious. The parents all agreed! After the performances the parents looked at the wonderful creations that we had made and we also painted the grown-ups faces with blue face paint which we pretended was woad! In the Celtic times, the Celts used woad to paint their faces so that they would look fierce going into battle.

(Betsy, P4)

I feel happy about how well I said my lines, I didn’t feel scared or nervous. I loved sharing my learning with my mum and dad. It was great doing the battle dance again. I loved learning about the Celts.

(Tadhgan, P2)

Here are some pictures of the Celtic artefacts we made.  We designed the sword, jewellery and shields ourselves.

These pictures show what we did on our Celtic Museum Day.  They show us telling our visitors about the Celts, performing our songs and sword dance for them and what they looked like after we had painted their faces Celtic warrior blue.