New beginnings together.

Welcome back to our new school year in 2017 with Ms Hollands and our new teacher Miss Fee. So far we have learned a lot more with our new topic Anywhere Island.

We  have  visited  our friends on Muck. We had fun  on the boat geting  spashed in the face. When we got their all the children were so nice it realy was a good day. Sadly we did not see any dolphins or whales this time.

Muck Boat

A few weeks ago  we went to the orchard to pick apples. Our apple trees are doing very well. The Red Devils tasted sour and scrumptious!



We  are having lots of fun  doing  our project about  our islands.  We drew our own islands and pinned down where we wanted it to be and then gave it a name. We also gave the island a way to make money. And right now we are learning about our animals.

You can see our work in progress here:


That’s all for now. Come back soon to read all about our very special Roald Dahl Day celebrations.

Maggie and Betsy P4