Breagha, Dylan, Maggie, Maisie, Tadghan, Fraya  and I all went guising around the houses and got lots of sweets. I dressed up as a two-headed monster, Breagha was one-third skeleton, one-third zombie and one-third ghost. Dylan was the grimreeper, Maggie was a deadly angel, Maisie was a ghost, Tadghan was a dragon and Fraya was a witch. At John and Christine’s there were loads of parrots and one of them could talk! It was really Fun!!! Once we had gone all around the houses and got to the party it was 10:30 and we were expected at 7:30! Because we were so late we didn’t do the competition to see who had the best costume.But there was still dunking apples but only Me, Maggie and Maisie did it and Maggie and Maisie got someone to lift the apples out of the water so they didn’t have to dunk, which means that I was the only one that did it properly.There were loads and loads of really nice food and Dougal made an amazing Edible haunted house with pumpkins and grass outside and he said it took him five days! Breagha left straight away, Dylan left at 11:30 and I left at midnight. Tadghan and Fraya were already gone so it was just Maggie and Maisie and they got to do the competition and both won. Out of 10 I would rate Halloween 11!!!