Our poem

We all made a poem about Erosion.We are going to enter it to Wild Land and Wild Places competition. Here is mine. It is called Eroding the Earth.

The rain comes down, smashing your rocks apart.

All your stones come tumbling down and crush my bones

with a crash, bash, mash!


Your silver skin melts away stopping trucks coming by.

Your slimy puddles of boulder clay seeps away



The deep blue sea slowly retreats  back to home.

Your  pitch  black clouds,  floats away.

Your Sun comes out beneath the clouds.


Like a ball of fire zooming down.

Your great gold light shines down on me.

The blue sky appears above me

right there,hanging down.


The rain comes down  making colours  everywhere.

But there right infront of me

like a band of light, like a mix of colours.

Is a rainbow.


I hope you like my poem.