The Time Capsule at An Laimhrig


We thought it would be a good idea to put a time capsule outside the new building. We thought about what to put in it and we decided to write about ourselves so when people open it in like 50 years they will find out about us. We wrote about where we live and about our family too. We put a newspaper in so people could read about what news was going on right now. We also put a list of all the houses on Eigg and made a key with everyone’s name on it. We had to cut the map in half because it was too big. We also put a face mask in it and the shop prices so they know how much things are today. The nursery children put things in too. We then closed it up and tied the spanner to the time capsule so they had a tool to open it when they dig it up. After that we all went to the pier to bury it near the shop. We all had a turn to put the sandy stuff in. It was really fun!

By Violet P2