Top Tips for Life at Eigg Primary

We love Eigg Primary School!

There’s a lot to like about Eigg Primary School.

  • I like doing my Maths and I like learning the school Christmas play.
  • I love making Christmas things for the Christmas market.
  • My favourite thing was making the Christmas wreaths.
  • I like Reading Eggs and my house on Reading Eggs.
  • I like all the tunes I play on my recorder

Maisie, P1

  • I like doing Art and I like learning the play for Christmas.
  • I like Reading Eggs.
  • I also like playing the whistle and “Little Fly” on the recorder.
  • I like Maths and doing my Phonics.

Maggie, P1

  • I like Science,
  • Maths,
  • INCAS,
  • The range of books,
  • Playtime,
  • Golden Time,
  • And the teachers.
  • Also PE.

Clyde, P5

  • I like my school
  • I like Golden Time
  • I like Maths
  • I like my Break
  • I like my friends (most of the time!)
  • I like most of the lessons
  • I like Mrs Hollands
  • I like Mrs Boden
  • I like the computers.

Breagha, P5

  • I like the Christmas play
  • Golden Time
  • Reading
  • PE

Dylan, P6