Day Four: New Lanark

When we arrived in New Lanark, we watched a film about time travelling.The time travelling girl had a grandmother who said she was related to Annie MacLeod who lived in Victorian times and worked at the mill in New Lanark. After the film,  we went to a Victorian Classroom. I loved it there as it…

Fabulous Art

I like Art and I am good at it. We have been painting blocks, lines, houses, balloons, birds, fishes, trees and butterflies. We have made purple from blue and red; orange using red and yellow and green using yellow and blue. Maggie

Movement energy

I looked for things which use energy in the classroom. I found out that if I turned the wheel on a toy it makes a noise and at the very end a cow and a pig pop out. The toy is called a Jack in the Box and it needs moving energy to work. I…

Fair Trade

Me and Catriona made a game.  We loved it.  My game was a guessing game.  We made lots of money for Nepal. .