school Christmas tree

Celia and Bernie gave us an amazing Christmas tree and we all decorated it. They also got the Christmas tree for the hall.

Scavenger hunt

Everyone had to find a pair then find something in the garden beginning with every letter of the alphabet (s=sticks, m=mud…). Ben, Archie and Ethan beat me Breagha, Dylan, Mia and Catriona by about one second and Katie, Kitty and Clyde finished last.  


Today we learnt how to make a film using animation. We spilt up into two groups of three (Breagha,Clyde and Dylan and Catriona,Mia and I). Breagha, Clyde and Dylan made a film called “The Snail’s Tale”. Catriona, Mia and I made a film where a dog was chasing a rabbit when suddenly a car almost crashed into them…


I chose the Maldives because I thought it had a cool name and because it’s only 1.5 metres above sea level!!!!  


Heroscape is a really fun (and complex)  board game where you build a huge battlefield out of hexogans.   Each player then chooses their figures to make up an army and fights the other players (the aim of the game is to wipe out the enemy’s army). There are two master sets (rise of the valcorie and…

Technology in the school

The school has five laptops, one desktop and one interactive whiteboard (which means that instead of using your fingers to do stuff you use a special pen). All of the technology in the school apart from the whiteboard is Windows/PC/DELL and are run by Fujitsu. All the computers have a facility on them called Websense…