Our School Restaurant

At the craft fair we had a restaurant where we sold food, cakes and drinks. That morning we prepared the menus, the table numbers and the notepads to take the orders. Breagha and Catriona were away so there was only five of us: Dylan, Logan and Clyde were taking orders and Maggie and Maisie were…

High School Induction

On Small Isles Week on Wednesday Catriona and I went on induction to Mallaig high school with the Mallaig, Morar and Arisaig schools. My favourite lesson was Chemistry because there were lots of cool experiments and explosions but I also liked Art, Computing and the mini highland games.      Blowing up the school in chemistry….

Our Fair Trade Sale

On Monday 25th May we went to the pier with our games and Fair Trade items to sell in the waiting room.  Me and Maisie made a game where you have to guess the amount of money in a jar.  We made a giant Fair Trade Symbol, which took ages but turned out really well….

Day 1 of our Edinburgh trip

On the first day of the Edinburgh trip we were all very exited when we were at the pier so we got on a special, but very rocky, boat called the Western Isles to Mallaig. When we were leaving we saw a pod of dolphins which were following the boat. we all thought it was…


For our erosion topic we got the school bus down to the pier and walked up back to school taking pictures of different types of erosion for our essay. On the day that we did it there was lots of snow and ice so the roads were very slippy and most of the children were…

Mrs Boden’s Maths

In maths me and Catriona are on book 2b, Clyde and Breagha are on books 1b and 2a and Dylan is on book 2a and 2b. The P7s (Logan and Catriona) are almost on book 3a but will soon be going to High school. Sometimes, because he is good at maths, Clyde goes onto book…

Weather Report

On Eigg today the weather has been very sudden hail storms followed by snow. It has been around -1C and the roads have been quite slippy. Most of this week will also be lots of hail, snow and rain and the temperatures will be from about -1 to 4C. The boat has been cancelled several times and two children have missed…

Christmas time

At school we have a really cool Advent calendar where you put people (wise men, stars, camels… and Jesus at the end) I have one at home but all the pictures are practically the same.

How I get to school

I don’t have a car so I cycle to school but sometimes I get the school bus if the weather is really,really bad. We did have an electric milk float called Bertie but it broke down

What I like outside of school

I like reading,cars,tanks,Lego,Christmas and drawing and lots more. My favorite books are Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Hunger Games, and Time Riders. I like building things so I have a lot of Lego and other models. Christmas is great fun because everyone is happy. I like drawing because you can draw what ever you want and…